Birthday party gets Barco projection mapping

Barco has helped students, professors and alumni from Tsinghua University in China celebrate their Alma Mater’s birthday party with projection mapping on the university’s main building. The party was held in front of the building and a Barco XLM HD30 projector was used for animated projection.

The university was celebrating its 100th anniversary with tens of thousands in attendance.

A design team from the Academy of Arts & Design provided the projection display, which used the main building as the projection background. Three-dimensional effects were achieved through variations in images, color and light. The constantly changing animated graphics worked harmoniously with the building's structure to create the illusion that the building was moving and morphing as part of the imagery.

Four Barco XLM HD30 were deployed for the project.

Chu Xiaobin, the video projection planner of Tsinghua University's centenary celebration and a Professor at the Academy of Arts & Design, said: “The essence of projection is a process of combining video art and advanced projection technology. Image requirements and the building's structure must be aligned precisely. The adjustment process fine-tunes details, aligns pixels for parts of the image, and blends the image frame. We had a very successful performance on this occasion – and we will come up with more interesting designs in the future.”

Sha Xiaolan, the chief lighting designer of the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games, was responsible for the celebration's overall lighting design. “The 3D projection show on the main building produced excellent outcomes at the beginning and end of the Tsinghua anniversary party,” he said. “Four 30,000-lumen high-brightness projectors were required – and had to be combined effectively – to attain such a stunning visual performance. This was a very successful production, and this kind of technology application will be the trend in future large-scale theatrical performances.”

Zhao Hong, the supervisor of Tsinghua's anniversary party and deputy head of the Tsinghua Arts Centre and headmaster's office, added: “The audience was immediately amazed when the projection came onto the main building.”

Bright, a local video and audio equipment supplier, also played a vital role in this large-scale video project.

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