Barco projectors for pilot training

Barco has installed two nine-projector SEER mini-domes for Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support in the Asia-Pacific region. The Barco SEER (Small Environment-Enhancing Reality) system is being used for basic flight training in the Pilatus PC-21 Basic Wing Course trainer. The mini-dome is driven by nine of Barco's liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projectors, which are designed specifically for flight simulation purposes.

Barco's two SEER mini-domes each consist of nine LCoS SIM 7 projectors, standardised mechanical structures, and specialised Barco auto-alignment tools. While eight of the projectors generate the simulated imagery, one projector is used for the HUD (Head Up Display) overlay. Barco's SIM 7 projector is designed to meet the FAA and JAA requirements for flight training. It offers high resolution, a contrast ratio exceeding 2,000,000:1, and a smearing reduction option that handles fast-moving images. In addition, the SIM 7 is optimized for multi-channel operation. These features result in a geometrically accurate composite image on the SEER dome's spherical surface, completely free of colour, brightness and overlap disturbances.

Installation and training for the system occurs at the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Pearce, north of Perth in Western Australia. Barco also delivered flight and navigation displays for the glass cockpit of the single turbo-prop PC-21 aircraft.

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