Barco LED transforms Beijing tower

Barco LiveDots, a Barco company, has partnered with Beijing Fortune Investment Management Co. to adorn Beijing's Blue Island Tower with a new high-tech outdoor LED display. The 407m² screen is powered by TF-20 outdoor display system.

The base of Blue Island Tower's LED display is 32m above the ground. Barco LiveDots applied a LED encapsulation technology, tilting the LEDs downward towards the viewers. This technology gives the millions of LED lights a consistent downward angle of visibility and visual range.

Barco LiveDots the LED display, an optical fiber transmission system, a power supply system and design and installation of the steel structure. Barco LiveDots also offers an XVS content management and broadcast system designed to enhance the efficiency of advertising billing and operation.

Jiang Hailin, general manager of Beijing Fortune Investment Management Co, said: “Blue Island Tower's LED display will give audiences a better viewing experience, and we are very pleased to provide potential advertisers with the ultimate display platform.”

Mr. Tang Feng, Barco's managing director of sales and service for Greater China, said: “A Beijing landmark, Blue Island Tower's excellent geographical location reaches more people with the LED display audio-visual experience.”

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