Barco display opens China Games

Barco has contributed to visual solutions for the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China. The Games, often referred to as the “All China Games” opened at Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Shandong's capital city of Jinan.

The event was highlighted by a “Super Bowl” video display show in the centre of the stadium. In addition to Barco's role in the opening ceremony, the company’s products are being deployed by both Color Lighting and Creative Technology throughout the Games.

This year's Games, that took place October 16 to 28, promote China's athletic abilities and is designed to highlight the country's achievements and progress. People's Republic of China President Hu Jintao presided over the opening ceremony and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge was in attendance. The All China Games featured 33 sports and 360 disciplines with the majority of competition taking place in 17 cities across Shandong.

Color Lighting, a Chinese lighting production company, was the exclusive lighting supplier for the Games, including design, production, implementation and service. Color Lighting selected Creative Technology as their projection and video consultant and technical partner for specialist video content delivery.

For the Games' opening ceremony, one large cylindrical display screen – a “Super Bowl” – in the centre of the Olympic Sports Center Stadium was the biggest highlight. The screen measured 50 meters in diameter with a total height of 26 meters, and initially appeared as an illuminated bowl. During the ceremony, with 52 special effects, glowing peace doves descended into the stadium from its perimeter and dramatically lifted the bowl into the air. It was at this point that the bowl was revealed as a massive circular projection screen. Barco solutions deployed during the opening ceremony by Color Lighting and Creative Technology included 48 XLM HD30 projectors used for projection on the stadium' s ”Super Bowl” screen; with an additional 8 DML-1200 luminaires for dynamic projection.

Barco, Color Lighting and Creative Technology were all pleased with the results of their team effort. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee for the National Games was satisfied with the performance of Barco products during the opening ceremony.

“In an era of visually expansive events, today's producers continually seek out new and more dynamic ways to engage and entertain audiences,” says Zhao Gang, executive general director of the Opening Ceremony of the 11th National Games. “More and more, creative direction and conceptual ideas tend to exceed the limitations of traditional lighting solutions, and lighting engineers find themselves challenged to realise clients' grand visions. Barco, as the industry's premier visual solutions provider, remains on the cutting edge of new technologies, continually surpassing the limitations of traditional lighting sources. What they've helped us achieve in the China Games' opening ceremony is nothing short of breathtaking.”

“The 'Super Bowl' screen was an outsized creative idea,” says Liu Guanlin, executive director for the Games. “It was designed to serve as the soul for the entire opening ceremony. However, it was very difficult to build a bowl screen 50 meters in diameter. What's more, the processing technique was especially complicated, and created a real challenge in material selection and video production, not to mention the need for powerful playback system. In the end, we made it happen. I'm proud to say that I've never seen such a vivid 360 degree video display that provided an engaging view for virtually every person in the stadium.”

“We are extremely happy to work with Barco,” says Chen Hong, general manager of Color Lighting. “The success of the All Games opening ceremony speaks for itself. Barco's advanced technology and superior products helped create great visual effects that were enjoyed by everyone attending the event.”

“Barco has a successful track record in supporting large scale events,” said Frank Christiaens, president of Barco for Greater China. “This success has allowed us to maintain a leading position in the events and staging industry around the world. Here in China, the China National Games is the country's premiere sporting event. Needless to say, we feel it's an honour for us to take part in such a marquee event.”

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