Banking on the board

A German bank has recently utilised TLS’ Pathfinder conference room solution to handle its boardroom operations for two new meeting spaces. Aesthetics was paramount for Volksbank Paderborn with integration largely handled by bespoke furniture manufacturer, Werkstatt für kreatives Wohnen.

When German bank Volksbank Paderborn moved into a new facility in in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany it implemented two new conference rooms for its management and supervisory boards.

Each room boasts a conference tables, one is horseshoe shaped and one elliptical-shaped. The horseshoe table provides seating for 36 users and measures 11.5m by 7.8m, while the elliptical shaped one measures 9.5m x 3m and seats 20.

The Management team at the bank was specific and demanding on the shape and style of the tables, even specifying the veneer pattern of the walnut surface. The bank’s CEOs and organisation departments were heavily involved with the not just how the room looked, they were specific about what functionality was required in the boardrooms.

From a technology point of view the bank’s management also required a system that was easily operable for its executives that, in many cases were not familiar with controlling and operating conferencing solutions. The bank was also adamantly against implementing unnecessary and expensive control panels.

It required the ability to process all media signals, whether analogue or digital, as well as the associated copy protection. A high reproduction quality of the signals to be presented was also required from the customer alongside high reliability and low service costs.

The client needed equipment to view presentations via VGA and HDMI including audio. Furthermore, they wanted to replay DVD and Blu-ray and to access satellite television and background sound from a central audio system.

Volksbank Paderborn embarked on an intensive market analysis and drafted in the services of local specialist furniture supplier, Jürgen Pieper of Werkstatt für kreatives Wohnen. Pieper presented a table model on a scale of 1:5 to support the decision making process. As well as constructing the bespoke furniture Pieper’s team worked with TLS engineers to integrate AV elements into the boardroom in less than three days. The companies also handled all cabling infrastructure using TLS VGA, DVI, LAN cables and power sources.

It was imperative that the lightweight table design and the carefully chosen wood were combined effectively with the media technology. The design had to continue the up market and professional theme, but what was more both furniture and technology had to complement each other with regards to usability.

TLS’ Pathfinder conference room solution was chosen to handle various media presentation and control functions in both boardrooms. The system allows members of the boards to present independently and with a press of a button can present their screen content to all conference participants via a connected Mitsubishi WL6700U projector. The Pathfinder system allows smooth processing of digital and analogue signals without effort from the user and without compression or converting procedures.

The horseshoe shaped table, that seats 36 users, required analogue and digital signal transfer points. These had to be integrated and discreet, but still easy to use in the radial veneered conference table.

Table installation modules with dimensions of 305 x 122 x 200mm were flush mounted while the closure head was cased with the walnut veneer in such a way that in the closed state of the module, the veneer pattern and the design is maintained. The table installation modules can accommodate the power supply units of the netbooks and laptops used by the conference participants.

Therefore during operation only one part of the VGA and/or digital cable and/or the power cable of the netbook/laptop are visible on the table. This means the board members can use the complete table surface while the closure head is in closed position.

The 18 table installation modules are connected, whether analog or digital, through a bus connection system directly to the Mitsubishi WL6700U projector. The projector in case of need can be retracted and extended with a ceiling mounted projector lift, which is connected via a control system.

The HKS Systemtechnik three metre projection screen is mounted on a Hilti mounting system as well as an HKS mounting set. The Audipack projector lift ensures smooth operation and a discreet solution when projection capabilities are not needed.

The analogue and digital connection of the horseshoe shaped table was realised with VGA and digital cables developed by TLS. The cables allow for transmitting the signal range. The highest resolution in each case is analogue 1920 x 1200 and digital 1080p/1920 x 1200.

The peripheral control of the whole Pathfinder system is provided by the ready made VGA and DVI cable, which is dimensioned according to customer specifications.

The installation of the Pathfinder system, where the whole electronics regarding image processing and controlling is built in the table installation modules, has been carried out in less than 3 days by the company Werkstatt für kreatives Wohnen of Jürgen Pieper together with technicians of TLS.

Board members have responded to the installation enthusiastically Bank staff now report that the working environment is “trouble-free” and that the technology is easy to comprehend. Meetings run smoothly and are, at least from a technology perspective, uncomplicated. Both TLS and Werkstatt für kreatives Wohnen plan to work with the client again.

Tech Spec

Bose MA12ES loudspeakers

Audipack projector lift
Hilti mounting system
HKS Systemtechnik motorised projection screen and mount
Kramer HDMI switch
Mitsubishi WL6700U projector
Sony Blu-ray player
TLS Pathfinder A/D Modules; VGA, DVI and LAN cables

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