Apex announces cash investment for manufacturing growth

Giva Audiovisual Technologies has announced an investment package to enhance its Apex brand’s manufacturing operations.

The investment package was agreed with Belgian investor LRM amid growing demand’s for Apex installation amplifiers, requiring an upscale in manufacturing capability to meet demand. 

Paul Van Hees, managing director, Apex, commented: “This new backing from LRM is an important part of our ambitious growth strategy. CloudPower has been a tremendous success for us and this investment helps us to keep up with the order book without compromising our agility and commitment to outstanding quality and support. In parallel, we are actively strengthening our distribution networks to increase access to the range and to pave the way for the product innovations coming through the R&D pipeline.”

Pictured (L to R): Paul Van Hees, managing director, Apex, Hendrik-Jan Gielies, R&D director, Giva Audiovisual Technologies

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