Ampetronic rolled out in Norwegian post offices

Posten Norge, Norway’s postal service, has installed 1000 induction loop systems throughout its branches. It chose Ampetronic CLD1-CT counter systems as part of a wider programme of upgrades to its counters and retail furniture.

Ampetronic’s Trollaasveien-based distributor, Scandec Systemer, is supplying the systems for a programme that will see them installed throughout the country.

“Posten Norge decided to install induction loops as part of a wider programme of upgrades to its counters and retail furniture,” says Bjørnar Riise, Scandec product manager.

“We did some pilot demonstrations of Ampetronic equipment and also supplied them with references from London Underground and other users.”

The requirement was for systems to be installed in ‘post-in-shop’ counters, i.e. small local post offices inside grocery stores and supermarkets. Scandec specified the CLD1-CT counter system as it is designed for precisely this kind of installation, being compact, rugged and featuring in-built metal loss compensation.

“The CLD1-CT is very well suited for this project because it is so compact that the unit and wiring can all easily be concealed within the counter,” Riise continues. “It is rugged and reliable enough to withstand constant use, while being very easy to test to ensure it is in optimum working order.“

A small microphone is installed next to the cash register’s display, with the feed to the CLD1-CT running down the inside of the display’s support column to the inside of the counter, where the loop amplifier is easily accessed through a door.

“All-in-all it’s an elegant solution and very straightforward to install, which is important with so many to do.” Riise adds.

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