AES announces Immersive Audio Academy 3 event

The Audio Engineering Society has announced its next Immersive Audio Academy events, which will take place on November 9, 2021.

This third edition of the Immersive Audio Academy series will host a production workflow Masterclass, workshops, immersive mixing demonstrations, partner presentations, networking opportunities and more. 

Organised by AES Immersive Audio Academy chairs Steve Martz (pictured) and Andres Mayo, the day will begin with a welcome session and continue with “Mixing in Spatial / Atmos with Dave Way,” which will also feature guests Peter Doell and Warren Huart. Next up is “Beyond Immersive Music – Mixing for Interactive Delivery” where Robert Bleidt, Yannik Grewe, Eric Schilling and Herbert Waltl will share insights and experiences in immersive audio production.

The AES Immersive Audio Academy Masterclass “All You Need to Know About Immersive Audio” follows, featuring a three-hour in-depth session with Wilfried Van Baelen (Auro 3D), Jeff Balding, Robert Bleidt (Fraunhofer), John Farrey (Amazon), Buddy Judge (Apple), Hiroyuki Komuro (Sony 360RA), George Massenburg, Andres Mayo, Michael Romanowski, F. Reid Shippen and Ceri Thomas (Dolby), with other special guests to be announced. In this session, attendees will be given an inside look at ins-and-outs of immersive audio production from some of the leading innovators in the industry.

“Immersive Audio for Live Performances” follows with presenters Ianina Canalis and Josh Dorn-Fehrmann demonstrating Meyer Sound’s Spacemap Go creative tool for mixing in multichannel sound systems. Next up is “Immersive Monitoring with Genelec,” hosted by Genelec’s Will Eggleston and Paul Stewart, demonstrating its latest software and hardware workflow systems for immersive monitoring systems, followed by Hiroyuki Komuro of 360 Reality Audio presenting the workshop and demonstration “Explaining 360 Reality Audio.”


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