A projection of Rotterdam

Located on the waterfront under Rotterdam’s spectacular Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam Port Experience (RPEX) uses various projectiondesign 1080p HD projectors in the entrance lobby, elevator and two cinemas.

Rob Haarlem, managing director of DEP B.V., was responsible for the multimedia infrastructure of the project including the evaluation and integration of all AV equipment, lighting, IT and electrical systems, as well as content management and control. DEP was also responsible for the systems’ physical installation.

“At the entrance we have two projectiondesign F12 1080 projectors, showing a multimedia presentation about the Port of Rotterdam, its daily workings and how it might look in the future,” explains Haarlem. “This leads on to a bicycle exhibit area where visitors can virtually cycle along the Rotterdam harbour. A scenic movie is being projected via another F12 1080 using rear projection to give the visitor the feeling that they are actually cycling around the harbour. To make it more realistic and life-like, the pedals are connected to the HD playback player which has variable speeds.

“Then, in the elevator, we have an F32 1080 projector showing material that gives visitors the impression that they are travelling through a tube, surrounded by sea, with fully synchronised sound and light as in the lobby. Finally, we have two cinemas – one using front projection, the other rear-projection – and we use an F12 1080 in each. One screen shows a contemporary description of the port while the other offers abstract reflections about the area.”