VR system to be used to prepare crime victims for court

VR system to be used to prepare crime victims for court
An innovative VR system is being used to help victims of crime prepare for giving evidence in court, allowing victims to engage with key members of the judicial process virtually.

The system, designed by Immersonal, is to be rolled out across 52 Scottish courts over the next year, with the technology also being piloted in the Hague as part of the International Criminal Court. The aim is to dissuade the fears and discomfort of victims and witnesses who may be unfamiliar with the court process.

Claimed to be a world first deployment in a court system, the £500,000 virtual court project will allow victims to experience a 3D world comprising videos of the court building where the case will be held. The simulations will also include depictions of people and objects that victims will encounter when going to court.

Kate Wallace, chief executive, Victim Support Scotland, commented: “Victims and witnesses often tell us of the retraumatising effects caused by giving evidence in court and that it can cause as much anxiety as the crime itself. Victim Support Scotland strongly advocates for victims being able to give evidence remotely and in trauma-informed environments.

“This virtual reality experience will provide just that and can be accessed through a headset available with the help of volunteers from Victim Support Scotland, as well as through laptops, smart phones and tablets thereby offering more choice and access about how to prepare for court at a time and place that suits the victim.”

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