VR developer claims ‘retina resolution’ holograms a reality

VR developer claims ‘retina resolution’ holograms a reality
3D deep-tech start-up has shared images of what it claims to be ‘retina-resolution holograms’ projected through 4K display hardware using VR headsets.

The company claims that it is now possible to render ‘holograms’ with life-like resolution and vivid colour, using a liquid crystal on silicon display from JKC. The commercial partnership with JKC is the first of two announcements from the start-up company that will see both companies target a range of AR and VR applications.

VividQ also announced that it is commercially engaged with a consumer electronics company to introduce ‘holographic display’ technology into its future product roadmap.

Alfred Newman, head of research, VividQ, commented: “Using the 4K LCoS from JKC we are now able to achieve acuity-limited retinal resolution holograms with full 3D focus and a large field of view. This enables a unique display which for the first time is capable of matching both the resolution and real-life focus cues expected by the eye, resulting in a more natural viewing experience than ever before.”

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