‘Holographic’ animal-free zoo opens in Australia

‘Holographic’ animal-free zoo opens in Australia
Axiom Holographics played a central role in the opening of a new ‘holographic’ zoo in Brisbane, offering a new animal-free experience.

The experience is built around Euclideon multi-viewpoint 3D display tables and the Unlimited Detail graphics engine, creating a single image projection with the use of glasses and screens, position-tracking throughout the space and using the graphics engine to generate a different image for every eye that is looking at the screens.

The end result is a 3D image that appears to float and stay in place even while the user moves around the space or moves their head. This innovative technique allows multiple users to view the image at once from different perspectives, offering a glimpse at the world's habitats and animals from the present day to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. 

Axiom also deployed smell technology from LuxAroma to produce the smells of the ‘holographic’ trees and flowers.

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