Frame smart glasses promises 'a reinvention of eyewear for the AI generation'

Frame smart glasses promises
Singapore-based Brilliant Labs has launched the smart Frame glasses, which offer its wearers "AI superpowers". The open-source eyewear can translate languages, give nutrional information on food, identify landmarks currently in sight, and tell you where to buy the sports shoes you have in your hand.

Frame AI glasses feature OpenAI, along with Whisper and Perplexity, who have lent coding and technology to the spectacles. 

The information appears as an overlay that shows up directly on the lens. Frame comes in three colours and you can also add prescription lens.

Frame starts shipping on April 15.

The glasses weigh less than 40 grams, and they are also rechargeable, thanks to an orange clip called Mister Power (see below) that users attach to the eyewear’s bridge – where the circuit board is located – so they can charge the device using the USB port at the bottom of the clip.

Brilliant Labs says that after a single charge, the Frame AI glasses can last all day even with frequent use of its AR functions and apps.

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