Yamaha expands and updates AG series of live stream products

Yamaha has announced new features for the AG06 and AG03 live stream mixers, alongside the launch of the AG01 condenser microphone, YCM01 microphone and live streaming package.

The second generation of the AG live stream mixers, the AG06MK2 and AG03MK2 now feature a mute button, improved amp simulator and a four-pole mini I/O to support Android devices. These features enable mirrored or voice chat streaming by connecting the main streaming device via USB and the secondary device to the four-pole mini jack. 

The AG06MK2 streaming mixer also features two phantom-powered inputs for condenser microphones to accomodate a range of streaming applications. 

Yamaha has improved and expanded its AG series of live streaming mixers, not only updating the AG06 and AG03 with new features, but adding the AG01, a combined studio quality condenser microphone with a high performance mixer, the standalone YCM01 microphone and an all-in-one live streaming package. 

The AG01 condenser USB microphone includes a mixer that features DSP effects, loopback functionality and flexible connections for streaming. The microphone can be placed on a desk or mounted on a desk arm, powered via USB or battery pack. 

The AG01, AG03MK2 and AG06MK2 all feature USB-C connectivity, using the updated AG controller software to adjust the DSP audio processing of each AG device.

The YCM01 condenser microphone is also available, featuring an XLR socket and cardioid polar pattern for heightened sensitivity. 

Additionally, the AG03MK2 LSPK live streaming package is available, including an AG03MK2 mixer, a YCM01 microphone, YH-MT1 headphones and an XLR microphone cable. 

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