Widescreen projection

Mitsubishi Electric responded to the increasing range of widescreen applications, launching the WL2650 widescreen projector. The company’s Visual Information Systems division released the WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) product, targeting business and classroom applications.

The projector utilises 3-LCD and sRGB technology and a Colour Wall Correction function allows the operator to choose from a variety of surface colours including beige, blue, green, pink and blackboard settings.

It is compatible with recent WXGA laptops, PCs and DVD’s and can display two windows on one screen at the same time. Vertical and horizontal keystone correction of up to +/- 35 deg (V) and +/- 25 deg (H) aids installation.

Security anchor and password lock protects the WL2650U from theft and unauthorised use. The projector offers up to 4000 hours lamp life and side lamp access and a 29dB operating fan noise.

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