Vivitek launches collaborative laser projector at ISE 2019

Vivitek has launched the NovoProjector DH3665ZN laser projector at ISE 2019.

The NovoProjector features 4,000 lumen projection, 1080p resolution and a laser light source that reportedly lasts for 20,000 hours.

The NovoProjector is designed for medium-sized meetings rooms, with collaborative tools built-in, including wireless presenting and screen mirroring, annotation and moderation functions, the ability to display four users simultaneously and host up to 64 participants with cross-platform compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, Chromebook and Ios.

The DH3665ZN is compatible with additional launcher modules, allowing for direct wireless connection from laptops to the NovoProjector.

A mirroring feature is also provided for any mobile device to support BYOD in any setting.

Vivitek has also launched an addition to the NovoTouch panel range, available with a capacitive touch panel, touch function and Livescreen feature to mirror content to other Novo devices on the network.

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