Visix debuts updated AxisTV Signage Suite

Visix has unveiled the latest version of its AxisTV Signage Suite, version 1.23, including five new widgets, 64-bit OS support, personal UI customisation options and the ability to customise each visual property for the user’s touch room sign.

Applications included in the AxisTV signage suite platform have been convertd to 64-bit, with version 1.23 utilising .NET Framework 4.8, which includes security and cryptographic standards.

New hierarchy policies for user accounts and permissions are included as well as new security policy options including password rules, intrusion rules and auto-logout settings.

Administrators can create new user accounts through a copy function manually or by using the active directory workflows, with the option to limit the message types assigned to individual users.

The CMS now features options to receive notifications for system alarms when a payer stops replicating content or stops updating its snapshot, with administrators able to set how often players are scanned for alarm conditions.  

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