tvONE debuts KVM over IP system


tvONE’s Magenta Research has debuted its KVM over IP solution, the Magenta Pathfinder, providing a scalable KVM (keyboard, video, mouse and transparent USB 2.0) extension and switching solution for 4K and HD sources of up to 2,000 endpoints using standard IT network switches.

The Pathfinder features Cross-Click and WindowView, with Cross-Click allowing users to view and control up to 16 PCs on one workstation without lag by moving a mouse across multiple monitors to the PC screen a user needs to control. 

WindowView allows users to split a 4K monitor into a quad view to control and view PCs using a keyboard and mouse, with WindowView able to be combined with Cross-Click on one workstation. 

Support for multi-head desktops is included with the ability to create user groups and define individual rights to manage access to key data, with security options including no ‘backdoor’ access and USB lock out. 

The Magenta Pathfinder’s hardware encoders and decoders are encased in a magenta colour, with setup on a standard Cat6 or fibre optic network systems without configuration of endpoints or user licensing fees. 

4K and HD sources can also be mixed and extended.