​ tvONE adds new features to CORIOview 4K multi-window processor


tvONE adds new features to CORIOview for meeting room and control room applications

tvONE has announced that it has added new features for its 4K CORIOview multi-window processor for meeting room and control room applications, including support for rotated displays, cloned outputs and a multi-user HTTPS SSL security interface.

CORIOview can rotate displays in portrait or landscape at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, removing single points of failure via CORIOview’s cloned output functionality on its dual output modules.

CORIOgrapher control software is also included, allowing users to access HTTPS SSL connectivity alongside a RESTful API.

New meeting and control room application modes are included, allowing users to connect a source to  CORIOview, automatically adding the user to a shared visual, multi-window display, with on screen labels providing source information and audio status; output video and audio can also be muted or unmuted as required.

CORIOview can take inputs from up to eight separate sources for HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, HDBaseT (4K or HD) and streaming video based on the configuration of its modular design, outputting them to HDMI (4K or HD), DVI, 3G-SDI or HDBaseT (HD).

A total of eight windows can be displayed on screen in pre-set layouts, which can be selected from the front panel, CORIOgrapher control software or a controller using tvONE’s API.

Layouts can also be user configured and stored for recall.