tvONE adds HDBaseT input module for CORIO matrix

tvONE has announced the shipping of its HDBaseT input module for CORIO matrix.

The tvONE system offers format conversion and scaling capabilities. Paired with Magenta HD-ONE HDBaseT transmitters and receivers, CORIO matrix provides a fully extendable system.

C3-340 CORIO matrix typically provides 32 I/O via sixteen modular AV slots and the C3-310 CORIO matrix mini provides 12 I/O. 

Signal types supported include:  HDMI/DVI, HD/3G/SDI, and a range of analogue signals from composite high resolution RGB. CORIO matrix scaling output modules provide Up, Down and Cross conversion between all available video formats. Analogue and digital audio conversion, embedding, de-embedding and discrete routing are also integrated in the CORIO matrix system.

All CORIO matrix functions can be controlled via RS-232 or IP. A web interface is provided for both video and audio routing and setup, and it can also be used as the main control interface. The built-in command line interface permits a choice of control options including third party controllers such as AMX & Creston or use of the tvONE CL-322 panel controller.

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