TDC releases Live View Signage system

TDC has unveiled its Live View Signage system, allowing users to provide visitor information and manage traffic/pedestrian flow at events across a spectrum of sizes.

The Live View Signage system can show event news, wayfinding, public transport schedules and weather updates.

The Live View Signage system is cloud based, allowing users to use the system from a command and control centre or controlled remotely via an internet connection and a browser.

Presentations, social media feeds, news/sports and performances can also be streamed to Live View Signage screens.

Drew Ferors, technical service and new media manager at TDC said: “Live View Signage is, in effect, a digital signage system with its own content management system that is specifically designed for easily, flexibly and responsively managing information flow to everyone participating – either directly or indirectly - at an event.”

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