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Sony has announced its latest range of Bravia professional displays, including Sony’s first 8K model.

The new range is comprised of 20 displays featuring a built-in TV tuner with 18-hour operability and Android 8.0 support, which includes an app auto-launch feature.

A new remote firmware update function is included, allowing users to centrally push software updates onto each display via IP, with the existing range of Sony BZ Bravia displays being compatible with Android 8.0 via a software update in the future.

The new range includes the ZG9 8K Bravia professional display, available in both 85-in and 98-in models.

The ZG9 is powered by a bespoke X2 Ultimate chip, designed for processing 4K and 8K images. The chip features a dynamic contrast enhancer, super bit mapping HDR and precision colour mapping, capable of detecting objects and enhancing their quality.

The XG8 series, comprised of the XG80 and XG85 feature ‘Pro Mode’, a ‘one-step’ setting for signage and meeting rooms as well as open API support, being available in six different sizes ranging from 43-in to 85-in.


The AG8 and AG9 OLED-based displays round off the Bravia display range, including a smart automation system, media player and meeting room interface.


All Bravia displays feature an integration option with TEOS Manage as well as TDM’s digitial signage.

The ZG9, XG8 series and AG8/9 displays also provide integration options with TEOS Connect, allowing users to share content from laptops directly onto any Bravia professional display.

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