Sony adds new functionalities to TEOS management system

Sony has unveiled the latest version of its management system, TEOS Manage 2.1, adding new features, updated capabilities and integrations.

TEOS Manage 2.1 includes the new TEOS Wayfinding feature, allowing for wayfinding content to be used on Bravia professional displays and touch tablets, allowing users to book rooms and access information such as floor maps, hotspots and security locations, with the new floor map functionality also working for floating desks. 

TEOS TV has been added, allowing users to implement corporate TV across workspaces as well as facilitating the creation and management of IPTV channels. Users can also capture meetings, corporate presentations or updates, being displayed across all offices through a central system. 

The system also adds TEOS Videowall, allowing users to cut and synchronise videowall content in any configuration on Android Bravia displays or players for TEOS. 

In addition to new features, several existing features have been updated, with TEOS Book featuring additional RFID compatibilities, an enhanced OATH compatibility and private meetings management for Office 365/Microsoft Exchange. 

TEOS Connect now features integration with TEOS Manage for remote configuration, customisation and update management, with TEOS Manage incorporating single sign-on compatibility.  

TEOS Manage 2.1 is compatible with Cisco videoconferencing devices to enable remote control and management in addition to Japanese language support now being added to the system. 

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