Smart-e launches VMX videowall range

Smart-e has launched the VMX range of products combining videowall and matrix technology into one package suitable for command and control centres.

Modular I/O and switching matrices combine with output videowall processing to allow for switching, distribution and processing functionality for high resolution HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI.

The range can videowalls of 8,16 and 36 connected displays.

VMX products come with video switching and modular input and output blades as standard, allowing for centralised control via IP, RS232 and keypad. The entire range is also accommodating of analogue input cards, accepting RGBHV, YPrPb, Y/C and PAL/NTSC, and allowing up-scaling to 1080p resolution.

All models in the VMX range come with full HDCP compliance and incorporate enhanced EDID management, allowing for multi-channel signal switching and distribution for commercial, educational and residential solutions.

The models come with a 2U (8x8), 3U (16x16) and 7U (36x36) 19-in rack mounting chassis.   

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