Slomo.tv launches new video production and SuperMotion 4K Replay server at NAB 2019


Slomo.tv has launched its second generation Fulcrum AT/12G 4K replay server.

The new version of the 4K platform offers 10 channels in replay mode at 4K resolution, with up to 16 channels in replay mode for 3G/HD/SD.

The server system enables slow motion and instant replay, as well as direct recording of NLE Native video files for editing.

A search function is available on all recorded channels simultaneously, with recording and playing back of two channels with transition effects.

The Fulcrum AT/12G also features a built-in Multiviewer with five configurations of different numbers of video feeds, displaying video inputs, search channels and system video outputs.

A MultiSkin function is also provided, allowing the user to operate one monitor to display different interfaces.

High quality video can be recorded and stored via SSD storage, allowing for the recording of uncompressed full resolution video signals, with built-in storage capacity and search on all channels included.

Clips are automatically created during instant replays, allowing the user to create highlight/summary packages while working in instant replay mode.