Sharp adds privacy buttons to Big Pad

Sharp has added two privacy buttons to its Big Pad interactive displays.

The 70-in PN-70SC5 and 80-in PN-80SC5 include ‘Freeze Frame’ and ‘Blackout’ buttons on the bezel to give a presenter the ability to freeze or blank the display while they work on their connected device, or prepare the content that they will show next. 

Sharp has also made technical improvements to the screen of the PN-70SC5 and PN-80SC5. They are the first Big Pad models to include “direct optical bonding” to enhance touchscreen capabilities. 

PN-70SC5 and PN-80SC5 models can also run Sharp’s Touch Viewing software, a touch-operated onscreen user interface that lets you easily manipulate different types of files, including Microsoft® Office applications, videos, and web pages. 

The units also feature the Sharp Display Connect application that lets up to 50 people connect to the Big Pad using their own personal devices, make notes and contribute to the meeting or share their own content personal devices. 

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