Sharp adds 80-in interactive display

Sharp has launched its most advanced BIG PAD to date, the 80-in collaborative touchscreen, PN-80TC3.

Designed for professional environments, BIG PAD PN-80TC3 can present words, pictures, video and sounds on a projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch screen, using intelligent pens, and two-way screen share with colleagues through their mobile devices.
BIG PAD PN-80TC3 recognises up to ten points of simultaneous touch contact with a 220Hz sampling algorithm, and allows four people to write on the screen at the same time using Sharp smart pens, letting people write and draw naturally to support creative brainstorms, lectures and planning meetings. Several displays can be linked together to form an enlarged touch surface with the Multi-Board functionality.
BIG PAD PN-80TC3 comes with new software to support multi-board configurations for data-intensive and critical-sharing environments and Touch Display Link 2.0 to let screen content be shared wirelessly with up to 50 mobile devices.
BIG PAD PN-80TC3 is available from Sharp resellers across Europe from today.

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