Sennheiser adds TruVoicelift to TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Sennheiser has added TruVoicelift to its TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone array, available as a firmware update.

TruVoicelift functionality can be added by installing the free firmware update (1.6.4) via the Sennheiser Control Cockpit app (4.3.0).

The functionality provides audible in-room audio for education and corporate environments, using a frequency shift algorithm that delivers extra dB of gain, as well as feedback prevention mute function that briefly mutes the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 if audio levels get too loud.

A noise gate feature mutes the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 to prevent background noise from being amplified during speaking pauses, with TruVoicelift settings able to be controlled via the Sennheiser Control Cockpit app.

Priority zones can also be created for areas where audio is predominantly picked up, with exclusion zones able to be targeted to exclude noise sources such as air conditioning or ventilation equipment.

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