S.Y. adds HDMI extenders to CatX range

S.Y. Electronics has expanded its CatX extender range with a range of HDMI extenders for point to point and distribution.

The units deliver 1080i up to 65m over a single Cat6 UTP cable. Units are HDCP compliant, with EDID facility and auto tuning. They require no manual setup.

S.Y. says the units are designed to be low powered and to operate in commercial environments.

The HDMI range consists of a single transmitter, a four port transmitter, point to point receiver and a repeater for daisy chaining to multiple displays. The CatX transmitters can be rack mounted into 1U of rack space. A rack mount for four single transmitters and a rack mount for three four port transmitters are optional extras.

Repeaters can be up to 90m apart, depending on the display resolution. Typically, 1080i can be transmitted up to 65m from the transmitter to a single repeater and the same distance between each repeater in a daisy chain for multiple displays.

CatX HDMI extenders are HDMI and DVI compatible.

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