Roland Systems opens up interconnectivity

Roland Systems Group says its S-MADI REAC Bridge allows numerous digital connection opportunities for REAC products such as V-Mixing Consoles, M-48 Live Personal Mixer and Digital Snakes.

The S-MADI REAC Bridge enables connectivity between any MADI-equipped digital audio mixer/system and any of Roland’s REAC products, enabling the use of the award-winning V-Mixing Consoles as sub-mixers with many large-format digital mixing consoles. It also facilitates distribution and splitting of audio from V-Mixing Systems or Digital Snake systems to outside broadcast trucks and other MADI-equipped locations.

The S-MADI REAC Bridge features:

  • 40 channels of bi-directional conversion between REAC and MADI
  • MADI coaxial and optical I/O
  • Support for REAC Embedded Power to power M-48 Personal Mixer and/or S-0808 I/O unit
  • Support for 44.1/48 kHz with locking to WORD, MADI or REAC clocks
  • 56 and 64 channel REAC/MADI offset support

REAC, (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) is a proprietary protocol developed by Roland to provide point-to-point 24 bit/ 96kHz, low latency digital audio transport.

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