QSC launches tri-amped cinema speaker system

QSC Audio has announced a new purpose-designed flyable, four-way, tri-amped loudspeaker system for dome and large format cinemas that require suspended mounting of screen channels, or point source surround channels.

The new DCS SC-424-8F joins QSC Audio’s other cinema product lines and follows the launch of DCP 300 digital cinema processor.

Both the mid/high and LF enclosures are built with common dimensions to facilitate easy installation in vertical or horizontal arrays.

The MHV-1080F mid-high / very-high-frequency system features a high output, horn-loaded 10” midrange cone driver and a coaxial neodymium high-frequency / very high-frequency compression driver.

The MHV-1090F includes a driver protection network and a passive crossover for tri-amp operation. A high power 10” cone driver allows operation as low as 250 Hz and up to 1800 Hz to ensure that most of the dialogue is reproduced by a single element, unmatched intelligibility.

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