PureLink releases DVI/HDMI extender with HDCP

PureLink has released an HDCP compliant detachable single fibre DVI/HDMI extender. The FX1000 extension set extends 1080p HD content up to 300m over a single or multi-mode cable.

It fully supports HDCP content protection and featursing PureLink’s “Real pass
through EDID” feature. This simplifies installation and cable management and allows rapid communications between different devices.

It supports single mode options for longer reach of up to 20,000m; multi mode up to 300m at 1080p/60; LC fibre connector; HDMI including audio and deep colour by using a DVI to HDMI Adapter; HDCP and plug and play.

 Single mode and multi mode capable:
 Single Mode, up to 20km @ 1080p Full HD / WUXGA 1920x1200
 Multi Mode, up to 300m @ 1080p Full HD / WUXGA 1920x1200
 HDCP over Single Fibre by using a real HDMI Chipset
 No TMDS extension to minimise skew, real signal re-clocking
 True plug and play, passes CEC, EDID & HDCP, no more EDID learning
 Secure data without RFI/EMI emission or loss of video quality,
 Immune to electromagnetic (EMI) interference and lightning
 Complies with class 1M laser eye safety in compliance with FDA/CDRH and IEC 60825-1
 Provides electrical insulation for outdoor runs
 Link status indicator

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