PPDS launches ‘stretched’ S-Line digital signage series

PPDS has launched its 32:9 Philips S-Line digital signage ‘stretch’ series, designed for environments with limited space or where an alternative form factor is required.

First shown at ISE 2022, the 37-in series boasts a 700cd/m² high brightness (1920x540), designed for use within public venues, transportation, restaurants, retail and more. 

The S-Line features a narrow bezel frame (12.4mm T/B, 10.5mm R/L) and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. The display can be installed over shelving, above order ports, in transport hubs and other narrow spaces with a weight of 7.76 kg. The display can be installed either as a standalone solution or daisy chained using PPDS’ HDMI linking technology, as part of a multi-display setup. Tiled setups can also be created by connecting two more displays using a single external player. 

The series runs on Android 8 and is optimised for native Android apps; users can install apps directly to the display and access an integrated media player which allows content to be created and scheduled via a USB and internal memory to enable the display to remain active even in the event of a network outage. 

The S-Line will also soon be compatible with PPDS’ cloud platform, PPDS Wave, adding remote management capabilities for displays in single or multiple global locations. 

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