Peerless-AV supports Samsung Flip with rotating mounts

Peerless-AV has introduced a rotational wall mount (RMI3-FLIP) and mobile trolley with rotational interface (SR560-FLIP) for the 55-in Samsung Flip (WM55H) interactive UHD display.

The products are targeted at corporate and education collaboration spaces. Once thePeerless-AV RMI3-FLIP Rotational Wall Mount portrait display is mounted, negative tilt and simple rotation allows users to write or sketch in landscape or portrait orientation. 

Users can rotate the display 90-degrees from landscape to portrait using the rotational interface on both the wall mount and trolley. It holds the display at a negative 4.5-degrees for a natural angled writing surface. A cable management system allows cables to be routed through the interface, which keeps the cabling safe and abrasion free when rotating the display. 

Cable management access on the mobile trolley provides routing options on both sides of the mount for power and data. The 4-in castors meet safety requirements and make it easy to move while protecting against damage. 

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