Peerless-AV projector mount for heavy duty models

Peerless-AV has announced the availability of its PJR250 heavy-duty projector mount for large venue projectors.

It is designed to speed up and simplify installations of projectors weighing up to 113.4kg. Other features include a low-profile, pre-assembled design with a trade marked Hook-and-Hang system and dedicated adaptor plates for Christie, Barco, NEC and Panasonic heavy-duty projectors. 

The Hook-and-Hang feature provides a large landing area when securing a projector to the mount. The dedicated adaptor plates place the centre of gravity in the middle of the mount in an effort to simplify adjustments and achieve a good balance when ceiling or flush mounting a projector. 

Additional features include horizontal adjustment up to 3-in and ±1.5-in (38mm) of lateral shift for perfect image alignment. The tilt (+15/-5-degrees), roll (±5-degrees) and swivel (360-degrees) features are all lockable. A safety cable is included for assurance when handling and installing weighty equipment. Cable management allows cables to be routed through the projector mount and out of sight. In ceiling mounted applications, multiple locations are built-in to secure cabling from the column to the projector. 

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