Peerless-AV introduces SmartMount for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and 2X

Peerless-AV has announced the SmartMount Trolley (SR560-HUB2) and SmartMount Flat Wall Mount (SF640-HUB2), both for use with the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and 2X.

The new SmartMount Trolley (SR560-HUB2) was designed to safely mount, manoeuvre and store the 50-in Microsoft SurfaceTM Hub 2S and 2X.

The trolley is load rated up to 29.5kg, holds the display at Microsoft’s recommended viewing height (55-in), and offers vertical adjustment so the display can be positioned at incremental heights 1219mm to 1524mm from the floor. It also has the capability of display rotation from landscape to portrait without interference. It also provides clearance to the removable compute cartridge so this can be upgraded without removing the display.

The locking 4-in casters provide a stable foundation for touch applications and cable management channels completely hide the cabling inside the uprights. The trolley’s robust feature set make it suitable for corporate, education, hospitality or any application that requires mobility.

Designed as a permanent mounting solution, specifically for the 50-in Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and 2X, Peerless-AV’s SmartMount Flat Wall Mount (SF640-HUB2) incorporates a circular design to perfectly match the rear of the Surface Hub. This design ensures direct access to the power and data connections, as well as complete access to the compute cartridge for easy removal and installation without interrupting the display. With a Hook-and-Hang feature, the mount positions the display close to the wall for a sleek installation, creating a low-profile mounting solution for the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and 2X.

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