Peerless-AV expands projector mount range

Peerless-AV has added two models to its projector mount range: the PJR125-EUK and PJR125-POR-EUK.

The products are designed for corporate, education, retail, live event, museum and theme park applications. Both accommodate laser projectors weighing up to 56.7kg. The PJR125-POR-EUK allows portrait mounting of projectors over 34kg.

Peerless AV’s PJR125-EUK heavy-duty universal projector mount is for landscape orientation only, whereas the PJR125-POR-EUK universal portrait projector mount can hold a projector in multiple orientations. A projector can be beamed to the ground for interactive floor exhibits in museums or can be used in portrait for in-store retail experiences, for example.

The projector mounts have a low-profile design and Hook-and-Hang feature to help installers when securing the projector and when making adjustments. Six universal legs (four pre-installed) provide additional support for projectors with more than four mounting holes and are completely adjustable. The universal adaptor plate on each model extends up to a 648mm mounting pattern to accommodate most projector models. The tilt, roll and swivel features are all lockable to prevent even the smallest shift in image. Cable management allows cables to be routed through the mount.

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