Paso releases new loudspeaker ranges at ISE 2019

Paso c6060 short

Paso launched its latest loudspeaker ranges: the C1000-EN, C1000TW and C-6000EN.

All new loudspeaker ranges feature IP55 protection and EN54-24 certification, and are available in different models and power levels, with optional accessories being available for wall mounting.

The C6000-EN range is comprised of two column models – the C6120-EN and C6060-EN with eight and four three-in full range woofers respectively.

The C6120-EN features 120W of power, while the C6060-EN has 60W of power.

Frequency response ranges from 140 Hz to 20,000 Hz, SPL of 1W/1m 95 and 92 dB.

The C6120-EN offers dispersion from 110 degrees x 25 degrees to 110 degrees x 50 degrees.

The C1000-EN range is EN54-24 certified, with all enclosures internally equipped with ceramic terminal blocks and thermal fuses, while all connections and cables meet the EN50200 standard.

Frequency response ranges from 68 Hz to 20,000 Hz for the C1200-EN, SPL at 1W/1m from 97.5 to 94 at 87.5 dB for the C1050-EN model. 

The C1000-TW range is comprised of three speakers for outdoor and indoor use: the C1200-TW, C1100=TW and C1050-TW.

All three feature IP55 protection against water and dust, but does not feature EN54-24 certification.

A range of cards and accessory interfaces were also launched, including the ACFK20 VOX audio filter, the ACPMB connection interface for microphone stations, the ACRJ45 / M-DIN and ACRJ45 adapters for the RJ45, as well the ACLTR1 line interface and ACREL2 board that provides two auxiliary inputs.

Three new 19-in rack models, the P5828-L, the P5836-L and P5842-L, featuring heights of 28, 36 and 42 modular units respectively with a depth of 65cm.