Panasonic unveils low-noise 1-chip projector

Panasonic has launched a high brightness, 1-chip DLP projector series which the company claims is the quietest in its class.

Aimed at continuous 24-hour operation in public display and signage the DZ780 projectors feature a liquid-cooling system that reduces operating noise to 30 dB when projecting at full lamp output power.

The dual-lamp projector outputs 7,000 lumens at WUXGA resolution. It features dual lamps and Relay Mode to enable continuous 24-hour operation while ensuring uninterrupted playback in the event of lamp failure and, for the first time at this level, high-end System Daylight View 2 joins Panasonic’s proven Dynamic RGB Booster and Detail Clarity Processor technologies to ensure vivid colour reproduction, exceptional detail, and high brightness, even in well-lit spaces.

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