Panasonic rolls projector series out in Europe

Panasonic has launched the PT-DZ570 projector series throughout Europe. It comprises three models and is aimed at higher education, exhibitions, conference environments and museums.

The DZ570 series are single chip projectors, which provide up to 4500 lumens brightness, they have a dust-proof design, and x2 zoom with lens shift.

All models are based on DLP technology. They are unpainted in an effort to reduce environmental impact.

The DZ570 range has eco management functionality that automatically reduces power consumption when set to low Stand By power mode of 0.3 W at 100–120 V AC and 0.4 W at 220–240 V AC. Each projector offers LAN functionality which allows users to integrate projectors with network controlled software to run across multiple rooms or sites.

PT-DZ570: WUXGA 1920 X 1200 resolution, 4,000 lumen of brightness
PT-DW530: WXGA 1280 X 800 resolution, 4,000 lumen of brightness
PT-DX500: XGA 1024 X 768 resolution 4,500 lumen of brightness

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