Panasonic presents AF Series displays with OpenPort Platform

Panasonic have introduced AF1 displays incorporating a System on a Chip (SOC), open source platform.

The AF1 Series features an Android and HTML5-based OpenPort Platform, in addition to a 1GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage.

The SOC platform allows software companies to customise apps for digital signage applications. Apps can be installed remotely from Panasonic’s server, or added locally using a USB device.

Available in 42-in, 49-in and 55-in panels, the displays have a 6.3mm bezel and can be operated in landscape and portrait. Their 500 cd/m2 IPS panel assures off-axis visibility, with tilt installation up to 45 degrees forwards or backwards supported.

The range will be available from April 2016 onwards.

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