Next-proaudio debuts integrated rack

Next-proaudio has unveiled its PXA8001 rack, integrated by a Powersoft 8000W amplifier module.

The PXA8001 features a new power supply design equipped with PFC and including Smart Rails Management as well as a fixed switching frequency design of the pulse width modulation (PWM) block.

The DSP audio processor unit protects controls, including signal processing, crossover filters, PEQ filters, All-Pass filters, delays and limiters.


The built-in port allows access to DSP processing capabilities from a PC running Powersoft Armonía software, with four different presents able to selected by the user: PXH64 Flat, PXH64 Music, PXH95 Flat and PXH95 Music.

The PX system can power another PX slave system composed by the same cabinets, using a PXA8000 drawer slave rack instead of a PXA8001 power rack.

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