Nexo unveils ID84 column loudspeaker

Nexo has launched the ID84, its first column speaker design, aimed at usage in a wide variety of applications.

The ID84 offers a Peak SPL output of 135dB, and a frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz.  

It is presented with two companion products, a low-frequency extension module (ID84L) and a partner subbass (IDS312), which can be configured to provide a scalable solution for acoustically challenging architectures.  Potential markets include all kinds of public spaces, particularly transport hubs, houses of worship, theatres and sports venues.  

Weighing 15kg (33 lbs), the ID84 measures 990mm x 150mm x 215mm (39.0-in x 5.9-in x 8.5-in).  

The speakers come with Magnelisâ side covers and front grille, and are available as standard in black or white, with custom RAL colour options to match any installation environment.

In the 2-way passive box are eight of Nexo’s 4-in long-excursion Neodymium LF drivers, and eight 1-in HF drivers in an arrangement which maximises the efficiency of these units.

Nexo unveils ID84 column loudspeaker

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