Newstar launches Covid-19 safety screen

Newstar has debuted its ns-plxprotect safety screen, designed to allow for office workers to return to office environments with Covid-19 precautions in place.

The ns-plxprotect safety screen is available in two models: The ns-plxprotect1 for one monitor and the ns-plxprotect2 for two monitors. Both models do not require fixing to a desk or ceiling and be attached to an existing desk mount, able to be moved with the flat screen and height-adjustable desks. 

The screens are made of transparent acrylic and are equipped with two mounting points to allow for height adjustments with monitors. 

The ns-plxprotect1 can be installed on a desk mount with the ns-plxprotect2 able to be mounted on two separate arms, gas-sprung arms, a crossbar or a double monitor arm. 

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