New Praesideo system

The most recent Praesideo public address and emergency sound system offers additional hardware, a call stacker, a numeric keypad and a PC Callstation. Bosch says the SW Version 3.1 will provide customers with more flexibility in design.

Call Stacker, a stand-alone device, is connected to the system bus via two network connections. The unit is used to record calls to occupied zones and automatically playback the recorded calls when the zones are free. The unit also offers the possibility of time-shifted broadcast of calls, designed to eliminate acoustic feedback.

The numeric keypad is used to password protect call stations and for zone selection. The unit connects to standard Praesideo call stations and contains a numeric keypad and LCD with backlight. User access is via a user number and PIN code. An access lock is activated after a predefined time or by a so-called hot key when the user leaves the call station. Further zone selection functionality enables the user to make calls in predefined zones or zone groups.

Designed to control medium and large size systems via an open interface, the PC Callstation can handle single or multiple Praesideo systems over TCP/IP.

Basic Amplifiers are rated 4 x 125 W and 8 x 60 W. They are class-D amplifiers with built-in output transformers to drive 100 V and 70 V loudspeakers. Standard Basic Amplifiers are connected to the Multi Channel Interface; an analogue line input is also available for low priority local audio.

The IP Audio unit provides digital audio transmission between PA systems and remote locations. The IP Audio module is a full EVAC compliant solution for audio over local area networks and the Internet. It offers an analogue audio microphone/line input and line output, and built-in supervised control inputs and outputs. The units are configured via a standard web browser.

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