NEC debuts collaboration board series


NEC has unveiled its ‘all-in-one’ collaboration board series and wireless presentation tool for group collaboration, the Collaboration Board (CB) series.

The CB series features NEC’s Mosaic Connect for wireless screen sharing that allows users to wirelessly stream content from devices to a main meeting room display. 

An embedded computing unit is included with the CB series which does not require a laptop or CPU in addition to an embedded Whiteboard Mosaic Canvas and visual presentation tools as part of a live display.  

Video playback is provided with the embedded MediaPlayer, with the display available in 65-in, 75-in and 86-in screen sizes, with UHD resolution and interactivity for up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints. 

Up to four participants can connect and present from any Windows 10, Mac OS, Ios, Android or Chrome browser using NEC’s Mosaic Connect. 
Mosaic Connect allows meeting participants to share files within the application, available as both hardware through the Mosaic Connect Box and is also available as software, integrating into the NEC CB series and NEC InfinityBoard series.