NEC adds touch table feature to 55- and 65-in displays

NEC Display Solutions Europe has added touch capabilities to the MultiSync X551UHD and X651UHD-2 displays so they can be used as touch tables.

The touch displays are designed to be used as touch tables, making them suitable for industries where applications are used for creating, sharing and collaborating, such as entertainment, creative media, interactive gaming, education and corporate.

Integrated with InGlass touch technology, the displays create a completely bezel-free, error-free, flat and durable touch surface. The touch table concept forms a responsive interface with the XUHD display offering true multi-touch performance for simultaneous users. The InGlass touch supports up to 10 finger, pen or glove touch points.

The 55- and 65-in 4K UHD displays include NEC’s integrated SpectraView colour engine, providing full colour management and adjustment of all visual parameters to improve any colour-critical application.

The XUHD touch displays can be enhanced with the optional Windows based slot-in-PC using the integrated OPS option slot.

The touch table displays are IP-rated and waterproof, so are suitable for public spaces.

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