MuxLab HDMI extender supports H.264 and H.265

MuxLab has unveiled an HDMI extender that supports H.264/H.265 video streams and up-scales for 4K@60Hz performance.

The PoE extender system works with IP-based infrastructures and CatX cables. It allows computers, mobile devices and AV sources to connect to a remote display or TV with less than 300ms latency.

AV content can be streamed over a local network, Wi-Fi and the internet. The system enables virtual switching and signal extension without dedicated cabling. Alternatively, the transmitter and receiver can connect an AV source to its display up to 100m via one Cat5/6 cable.

Devices with a maximum resolution of 1080p@60Hz can be included in the system and up-scaled to 4K@60Hz on the output for higher resolution enjoyment. H.264/H.265 video streams are accepted and users can connect a USB drive to the system for local playback and storage of content. 

Each receiver provides one digital SPDIF (TosLink) audio out. A two channel audio insert is supported on the transmitter and a two channel audio extract on the receiver. For remote control, RS-232 and bi-directional IR is supplied.

The system can be managed via a smart phone or tablet when connected through MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller (model 500811).  A web interface allows for centralised control of IP-connected devices.  A common API allows for third party control systems.

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