Modulo Pi launches updated Modulo Player media server and embedded live mixer


Modulo Pi has announced the release of its Modulo Player v5.2 alongside a new version of its embedded live mixer, featuring integration of Stream Deck control pads.

Originally unveiled at ISE 2019, users are able to work simultaneously on Modulo Player’s software and the live mixer application, with the mixer’s user interface allowing access to program and preview screens, working with presets, management of layer properties and transition effects including borders, keying, mask, fade and flying.

The new version of the embedded live mixer offers support of the Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL control pads by Elgato, with users able to customise the LCD keys of the Stream Deck pads.

Modulo Player now allows 40 more new devices to interact with Modulo Player, including NDI PTZ cameras control as well as a series of USB phidgets such as controllers, sensors, motors, GPIO and RFID tags.

The Modulo Player includes an internal library, with the ability to create tasks in Modulo Player that will trigger automatically depending on the phidgets’ variables such as temperature, humidity, lux levels and distance.

All enhancements and references of the new supported devices are included in Modulo Player’s new user manual.