Maxhub announces line up of custom LEDs

Maxhub, a provider of collaborative and interactive products, has announced its M27 and GH31 Series custom LED displays.

Features of the M27 Series, which includes the M2712, M2715, M2719, and M2725 displays, are an ultra-lightweight design with a panel weight of 10.5lbs and a depth of 1.2 inches. These panels offer a 16:9 aspect ratio with a large viewing angle that ensures vivid imagery, even when viewed off-axis.

Each module in the custom display panel stores the correction coefficients. In addition, the correction coefficients are automatically read if an individual module is replaced—thus keeping maintenance issues to a bare minimum. 

The Maxhib GH31 Series displays include the GH3112, GH3115, and GH3118 displays. These panels apply a high-level driver integrated circuit with various grey compensation mechanisms and high-precision linear current gain, resulting in more accurate screen colour rendition. The GH31 Series displays also include a built-in 16K SRAM for display data storage, effectively solving transmission bandwidth limitations. 

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